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In the footsteps of Edvard Grieg

In 1877, the world famous composer Edvard Grieg came to Lofthus for the first time. He became a regular summer guest at Hotel Ullensvang and close friends with the 1st generation of the Utne family, Hans and Brita. His original composer’s cabin is now in the garden of Hotel Ullensvang – the perfect place to start a walk in the footsteps of Edvard Grieg! Continue to the gothic stone church of Ullensvang (built 1230-1250) and up along the river valley to where the road crosses the river. Right here, on a huge rock, Edvard Grieg often sat, listening to the music of the nature. Further on, through the farmlands of Opedal, he had numerous walks alone, as well as with his wife Nina and his sister-in-law, Miss Hagerup. There he also met local Hardanger Fiddle Players who influenced him strongly in his compositions. Next stop is Eidnes, where he visited his good friend Ådne Lofthus. In his house, which has a magnificent view towards the Folgefonna glacier, Grieg composed most of the Holberg Suite. On the return to the hotel, you will pass the school, where the composer’s cabin originally stood. It has been moved several times, before ending up in the garden of Hotel Ullensvang.