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Explore the majestic Hardanger Fjord


The express catamaran, M/S Westcruise, seats 88 passengers and operates daily (May-September) between Lofthus (Hotel Ullensvang), Utne and Norheimsund. Bus connections are provided to and from Bergen. During the summer season, May to September, extended tours are arranged to include the villages of Ulvik and Eidfjord. For the Eidfjord tour, bus connections are provided to and from Geilo. The bus service also stops by The Hardangervidda Nature Centre and Måbødalen Troll Train, enabling passengers to visit these attractions and return on a later bus or boat. 

As the oldest hotel in Norway, Utne Hotel has been run continously even since 1723. The Utne trip can be made into a round trip by combining a bus journey to Kinsarvik, ferry from Kinsarvik-Utne and returning by express boat to Lofthus. Not least, a full-day tour to Bergen is possible. There are discounts available for groups, families and senior citizens. (Discounts cannot be combined).

Tickets are on sale at the hotel, or on the boat. For bus operators planning day trips from Lofthus to Bergen, we would recommend letting the passengers go by boat from Norheimsund on their return, and let the bus return empty.