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Sima Power plant and Kjeåsen Mountain Farm

Sima Valley offers two great attractions, the visitors centre of Sima Power plant, and Kjeåsen Mountain Farm. Sima Power plant is one of the largest hydroelectric power stations in Europe. Water is led through underground tunnels
from lakes and dams on the Hardangervidda to huge turbines deep into the mountain side. A visit to the centre includes a movie from the construction of the plant and the tunnels as well as a visit 700 meters into the mountain side to the turbine hall. The hall equals in size to a 14 storey building. Guided tours for FIT during summer, for groups all-year-round.

Kjeåsen Mountain Farm is located on a narrow grassy ledge in the mountain side, 650 meters above sea level. Before the power plant was built, it was only accessible by a steep and dangerous trail. During winter time it was inaccessible, and people there spent 3-4 months in total isolation. Today, it is accessible by car and the view from this ”eagles nest” is breathtaking.