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Agatunet farm community - The Norwegian version of European rural town

Agatunet is one of the few remaining farm communities of which there were so many in the earlier times in Norway – it provides unique examples of western Norwegian building traditions from the Middle Ages up until today. People have probably lived here for over 3700 years. There are cultural monuments both inside and outside the farmstead, for example burial mounds, sacrificial places and petroglyphs. The oldest house in the group is the Lagmannsstova (the Legist’s house), which was built around 1250 by Sigurd Brynjulvson – knight, King’s councilman and magistrate of western Norway. The Lagmannsstova was built in town house style and was intended to be used as a residence for entertaining. Today, Lagmannsstova is the only house of its kind left in Norway. You will also find: Guided tours, a café, art exhibitions, household items and tools, traditional costumes, baking of traditional food, and a stone with plaque commemorating the cultivation of the Gravenstein apple. The farm is open daily from the middle of May to the middle of August.