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Walking / hiking in Lofthus and area

General information:

1) All trips are divided into different walking levels to make your planning easier. Please note that we thought of foreign walking/hiking tourists and not of Norwegians and that those are our personal ratings.

Level I = Easy walking
Level II = Hiking light
Level III = Hiking heavy
Level IV = Hiking extreme

2)  (*) Signposts (relevant information on the topic) along all those walks in the following languages:
Norwegian – English – German – Japanese – Chinese – Russian
A map is available at our reception free of charge for all walks marked with (*).

With starting point in Hotel Ullensvang:


Duration: 20 min to 2 hours (roundtrip), depending on your preferences

Ullensvang is the largest fruit garden in Norway, boasting over 450,000 fruit trees. It all began over 800 years ago on the farm Opedal here in Lofthus. Hardanger Fruit Trail takes you on a journey through the heart of Norwegian fruit production. Follow the ten signposts situated along local roads and fruit gardens and learn more about fruit farming and local history while enjoying the beautiful scenery. 

Elvadalen Valley – RIVER VALLEY WALK (*) - II

Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours (roundtrip)

Combine the fruit trail walk with the Elvadalen river valley walk which leads along the river Opo. At the very end of the valley, you can experience the waterfalls at close range. Bjødnebøkse is situated on the left hand side and on the right hand side, at 400 meters, youʼll have Skrikjo. 


Duration: 5 hours (roundtrip)

Experience Hardangerʼs culture and stunning nature on this adventurous walk. Starting off in Lofthus by the fjord, youʼll walk through the forest passing the famous monksteps, before reaching the Hardangervidda plateau where youʼll have a spectacular view of the fjord and Folgefonna glacier, 1,040m above sea level. Crossing the river, youʼll return to Lofthus down the narrow path ”Frøyneslia”. Along the trail youʼll encounter seven decorative and informative displays to guide you on your walk. 

Alternatively, you can walk back the same road after having inspected the Monk Steps instead of continuing to “Frøyneslia”. It will take you approx. 5 hours as well (roundtrip).

With different starting points:


Driving time from Hotel Ullensvang to Røte: 10 min (one way)
Duration: 4 - 6 hours (roundtrip)

This hiking is the only one of its kind to be honored with using Her Majesty, Queen Sonja’s title. In the past 20 years, this trail around Hotel Ullensvang has become one of her favorites which she explores either by foot or on skis. The trail begins at Røte (“Velteplassen”), situated 6 km North of Hotel Ullensvang (between Lofthus and Kinsarvik), one is then urged to continue up the tractor road to the Hardangervidda situated 890 m.a.s.l. where the newly marked trail starts. The local Lion’s Club has marked the route by instructions of HM Queen Sonja. The word Panoramic describes the view in all its glory, overlooking the South Fjord into Odda and the Folgefonna glacier and Eidfjord towards the Hardanger Bridge. The scenery continues to lead your eyes to the Hardangerfjord looking over into Kvanndal and Utne and the small arm of Kinsofjord into the village of Kinsarvik. The total time required is approximately 4 to 6 hours. The descending part of this trail to Lofthus / Hotel Ullensvang is through 616 steps made by local monks which began in the year 1210 and was finished in 1537, now known as The Monk Steps.


Driving time from Hotel Ullensvang to Røte: 10 min (one way)
Duration: 2.5 hours (round trip)

Doing this hike is giving you an introduction to HM Queen Sonja’s Panoramic Hiking Trail. You start as well at Røte (“Velteplassen”), situated 6 km North of Hotel Ullensvang (between Lofthus and Kinsarvik) and continue up the tractor road to the Hardangervidda situated 890 m.a.s.l. Once you arrive on top, spectacular views over the whole Hardangerfjord are guaranteed! 

Husedalen / WATERFALL TRAIL (*) - II

Driving time from Hotel Ullensvang to Kinsarvik: 10 min (one way)
Duration: 3 - 4 hours (round trip) – the easiest way to reach The Hardangervidda

Visit Husedalen – a beautiful valley in the heart of Hardanger concealing four extraordinary waterfalls. Along the trail you will find eight decorative and informative displays, themed around the local history and natural heritage of Kinsarvik, the Hardangervidda plateau, and the unique Husedalen. With the centre of Kinsarvik as the starting point, the route leads all the way up to the national park border and reservoir
inlet of the Tveitafoss power station. Having a car to get to the starting point is recommended.

Glacier walks on the FOLGEFONNA GLACIER, Norway’s third largest glacier 

II - From Jondal - Driving time from Hotel Ullensvang to Jondal: 1 hour (one way)

Contact: / Tel: (+47) 55 29 89 21 / 95 11 77 92
Season: 1. May – 30. September (approx.)
Min. age:  7 years

Outdoor adventures in Jondal and in Folgefonna National Park. Daily guided glacier hikes to Juklavassbreen glacier: 4 – 6 hours from NOK 590,- incl. equipment (price for 2012). Difficulty level tailored for guests. 

III - From Odda -  Driving time from Hotel Ullensvang to Odda: 35 min (one way)

Contact: / Tel: 47 60 68 47 
Season: 15. June – 1. September (approx.)

Guided Glacier tour into the blue ice. Includes crossing a river and you will have the opportunity to climb crevasses. Physically demanding tour. 

Glacier walks on the BUERDALEN GLACIER - II

Driving time from Hotel Ullensvang to Buer: 40 min (one way)
Duration walk: 3 hours (roundtrip)  Tel: +47 47 60 68 47 or Tel: +47 53 65 40 05
Season: 15. June – 1. September (approx.)

The Buer glacier is an arm of the Folgefonna glacier. From the parking lot, you can already see the glacier from a distance. There are marked footpaths to the edge of the glacier. Guided glacier tours on the Buer glacier by FlatEarth Adventures. 

VIA FERRATA in Tyssedal - III

Driving time from Hotel Ullensvang to Tyssedal: 25 min (one way)
Duration:  4 – 6 hours (roundtrip)

Min. age: 15 years
Contact: / Tel: +47 90 82 45 72

Tysso via ferrata is a climbing route that requires no previous climbing experience. You get the necessary equipment and climb with a guide from Opplev Odda.


Driving time from Hotel Ullensvang to Skjeggedal: 40 min (one way)
Duration:  8 – 10 timer (roundtrip)

Min. age:  15 years
Contact: / Tel: +47 90 82 45 72

In 2012, Tripadvisor has rated Trolltunga as number 4 of the 10 awe-inspiring places around the world. From Tyssedal you can drive to Skjeggedal. From there you start your hike to Trolltunga. Ascent: around 1000 metres. Information and hiking maps can be obtained at the Odda tourist office. Sturdy hiking boots are recommended. Bring food and water. No mobile phone coverage. The hike requires good physical condition.