Skredhaugen – The Greve Collections

Bernhard Greve (1886-1962) was a versatile artist. Among his mentors in the art of painting were Harriet Backer and Henri Matisse. However, it was his work as a stained glass artist that brought him the most fame.

He bought Skredhaugen in 1918 and in the years to follow he bought and moved several old farmhouses from the surrounding district to Lofthus. He filled the houses with old furniture, implements and various everyday objects and created in this way his own museum as well as a summer residence for the Greve family.

Efforts have been made to preserve it in the way Bernhard Greve created it. A fireproof room has been added to the house, another cultural heritage and the art collection of Jon Bleie. He collected art and art literature from all overNorway and became a personal friend of many artists, among them Henrik Sørensen, Harald Kihle and Theodor Kittelsen. Skredhaugen is the property of Hardanger Folk Museum (Utne) and located in Lofthus.

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