Vøringsfossen og Måbødalen

The Måbødalen Valley and spectacular Vøringsfossen waterfall was some years ago the most visited nature attraction in Norway, and it still remains one of the most visited each year. 

Måbødalen valley, this huge ravine, created by water and ice through thousands of years, is a marvellous sight. The Vøringsfossen waterfall (182 meters) is most spectacular, and currently the area around the waterfall is getting upgraded, providing even more spectacular view points. 


There are paths leading to the top of the fall, as well as to the bottom.

Three alternative roads through the Måbødalen valley

1) The old footpath, which is a challenge to your physical condition. 67 curves and 800 meters height difference from bottom to top.

2) The first road for cars, finished in 1918, is a masterpiece in the art of engineering. Most of the road is still there, today only accessible by foot. Try to imagine that this road was part of the main road between Oslo and Bergen until 1985! This road is closed for cars, pedestrians/ bikers can use the road, but it all is at own risk.

3) The new road, built mainly in tunnels which is also a piece of work that shows what Norwegian road engineers had to deal with when trying to “conquer nature”. This is the main road which is not available to pedestrians. 

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